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Brute Force Protection

Brute Force Protection

A Brute Force Attack aims at being the simplest kind of method to gain access to a site: it tries usernames and passwords, over and over again, until it gets in. Brute Force Login Protection is a lightweight plugin that protects against brute force login attacks using .htaccess. After a specified limit of login attempts within a specified time, the IP address of the hacker will be blocked.

Features :

  • Limit the number of allowed login attempts using normal login form
  • Limit the number of allowed login attempts using Auth Cookies
  • Manually block/unblock IP addresses
  • Manually white list trusted IP addresses
  • Delay execution after a failed login attempt (to slow down brute force attack)
  • Option to inform user about remaining attempts on login page
  • Option to email administrator when an IP has been blocked
  • Custom message to show to blocked users
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