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Multiple Isp Support Software

features of smart billing : progressive solution

mis reports

mis report
  • Easily search the different reports on the basis of customer code, company name
    and between dates etc.
  • Event logs are generated in which login details of all software users,invoice
    related logs,payment received logs etc. are inserted.
  • Public Ip and Local Ip of Login user inserted in event logs.
  • Can Export all reports in excel format.
  • Revenue Report, Receivable Report ,Sales Report are effective feature of billing software.
  • Can generate the sales report for the particular CRM(Customer Relationship Manager) for any period of time.
  • Collection Report shows the collection received from different branches.
  • Can Email the Customer's Ledger to customer in one click.
  • Can take the print out of customer Ledger.
  • Invoice Aging Report to check the aging of customer invoices.
  • PO Report: Shows the list of services which are near to expire.
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